Panzer Elite Action – Dune of War

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Get in your tank and prepare to survive in the great African battle.

Panzer Elite Action - Dune of War is an exciting action game that closely follows the story of two tank commanders who, along with their crews, are willing to do anything to survive in the battle of the North.

Each of the two commanders in Panzer Elite Action will appear in a different field. For example, the German commander, called in to help the Italian army, moves across the dunes of the Sahara, while his competitor, the American commander, will enter the battlefield of Africa from the Mediterranean beaches.

In Panzer Elite Action - Dune of War you'll find two different campaigns. Become the leader of your own squadron, and lead a troop composed of AI controlled airplanes, anti-tank guns, military vehicles and, of course, your infantry. Drive your tank and feel the power to control more than thirty tons of steel armour, crushing everything in your way.

Choose a game mode: conquest or capture the flag, and get ready to compete in a multiplayer mode for thirty-two players. Your ultimate goal in Dune of War, isn't to win the war, but get back home alive.


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